My Seven-Day Makeover: One Breast Cancer Survivor's Spiritual Journey

Cynthia Turner's (2008) memoir of her battle with breast cancer

"I have finally embraced the reality that, in this life, the unexpected will happen. In particular, I have come to terms with the certainty that we all will encounter in our lifetime our share of the unforeseen, the unannounced, and the uninvited. Thus, as I came to this sobering conclusion at the outset of one of my most challenging journeys ever, God began a dialogue with me that changed my life forever. And guess where He started? At the beginning. That’s right. He took me back to the Creation. He took me back to a time where the scriptures say that in everything that He saw, “it was good.” Moreover, for six months, God walked with me through my valley experience illuminating at each turn His original road map for that which He designed as “good” in the Creation. In turn, I soon discovered what God has always purposed “good” to be for man: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” (Genesis 1:26). That is, God’s definition of “good” for every believer is that our lives resemble His likeness." –from the Introduction of "My Seven-Day Makeover: One Breast Cancer Survivor's Spiritual Journey"

"My Seven-Day Makeover" chronicles Turner's journey as she battled breast cancer in 2006-2007. Spiritual in nature, it captures her attitude and perspective as she went through the healing process, and details her change in diet and health as a result of her research concerning cancer and lifestyle.